Bible Studies

BIBLE STUDY: SUNDAYS AT 10:30AM (after Memorial Day)
Colossians: In Christ Alone (May – June)
During this series we will read Paul’s entire letter to the Colossians. Paul encourages believers to keep their attention on Christ alone instead of getting distracted by worldly problems, human traditions, or sinful influences. In Christ, we rise above all these things; we enjoy lasting peace and find real purpose.
A Closer Look at the Sermon (June – July)
Have you ever wanted to ask a question or make a comment during the pastor’s sermon? After we finish studying Colossians, the rest of summer’s Sunday Bible studies will give you an opportunity every week to dig deeper into the Bible reading the pastor preached about that day.
August studies: TBD
As we celebrate 150 years of God’s grace to this congregation, we will dedicate additional time each weekend for fellowship with current and former members. Expanded coffee hours and dinners will replace the after-service Bible study time. Stay tuned this summer for more information about off-weekend opportunities to study Scripture.
Basic Bible Christianity, 1.0 and 2.0 (weeknights, as needed)
These courses lay the doctrinal foundation that’s expected of all St. Peter members. The eight-week 1.0 course is a requirement for new membership in the congregation and participation in the Lord’s Supper. An optional, six-week 2.0 course explores practical Christian living. Anyone can join these classes to review essential Bible truths and meet prospective members. Ask Pastor for more information about when and where these classes will meet this quarter.