The Project SPL LWMS  is Giving to This Month

Project #WM-2020-25: Russia Projects

One missionary and four national pastors serve five congregations and one preaching station in the Russian Lutheran Church. Visiting professors make regular teaching trips to help train our seminary students and deaconesses. Deaconesses in Iskitim conduct a thriving children’s program including Sunday school, vacation Bible school, children’s seminars throughout the year, as well as publishing an impressive children’s newsletter. The Russian Lutheran Church is currently working on improving its use of media, including a website, and distribution of sound Christian literature. LWMS gifts will help to fund these projects and others as needed.

• Outreach in Sevastopol, Crimea – In March 2016, Crimea (formerly Ukrainian territory) found itself a part of Russia. Our sister synod, the Ukrainian Lutheran Church, had one congregation in Crimea, in the port city of Sevastopol. The Sevastopol congregation re-registered with the Russian government as part of the Russian Lutheran Church and now receives support from our Russian Mission. Project money will support the national pastor and the work of his congregation. Sevastopol is 2,250 miles west of Novosibirsk, our mission’s center. The pastor and the congregation are quite isolated. Project money will cover quarterly travel between Sevastopol and Novosibirsk to foster fellowship as well as to further mentoring and study for the national pastor.

• Sevastopol Church Building – Sevastopol’s church building is located in the heart of the city. The congregation worships in the basement because the main floor is currently unfinished. The congregation is thankful for any offerings to help them construct their church.

• Outreach in Tomsk – Tomsk, a center of culture and learning in central Siberia, lies four hours north of Novosibirsk. Since there is no missionary or Russian pastor in Tomsk, the missionary and national pastors take turns traveling there each month for worship, Bible class, and adult instruction classes. Your mission offerings pay for the rented facility, travel expenses for the missionary and national pastors who travel between Tomsk and Novosibirsk, advertisements, and church supplies.

• Outreach in Chelyabinsk – Chelyabinsk, a large industrial center in the southern Ural Mountains, lies 21 hours west of Novosibirsk. One national pastor serves a small congregation in Chelyabinsk and travels four hours south each month to serve another group in the town of Magnitogorsk. Project money will support the national pastor and the work of his congregation, as well as the quarterly travel expense between Chelyabinsk and Novosibirsk for further mentoring and study for the national pastor.

Drop an envelope in the collection box marked LWMS if you want to support this project