May 4, 2021

The ECM Committee is continuing to assess the possibility of expanding our Early Childhood Ministries. So far in our research we have found a pressing need for care for children ages 0-2, and an overwhelming opinion that a care center based in our community would be very successful.

We are finishing up collecting demographic information about our congregation and community, and will be conducting interviews with congregation members throughout the month of May. We have also met with several experts in this field to gain more insight into the challenges and opportunities facing us. As soon as all of our information is collected, we will begin putting all the pieces together and seeing what might be possible for our congregation at this time.

Please continue to pray for our work! If you are interested in helping in any way, please contact Emily Kristopeit at
emkristo23@gmail.com or (920) 505-0549.

April 18, 2021 

The ECM Committee is currently working on assessing the feasibility of expanding our Early Childhood ministries. Our committee has conducted a preliminary feasibility study of facilities in town, possible startup facilities, and building facilities on our campus.

We have also done research of several childcare centers in the area, and conducted several interviews with local community members about the possibility of St. Peter providing childcare in the community. We are continuing to collect surveys from member and non-member parents to gauge interest and need.

If you know anyone in the community with children ages 0-5, please take a survey from the back of church to pass on to them! If you have any questions about the work of this committee, contact Emily Kristopeit (emkristo23@gmail.com, (920) 505-0549).