Lent Worship Series

Why Lent Matters: The Glory of Jesus’ Passion (Feb. – Mar.)
Special Wednesday services, extra worship during “Holy Week,” sad-sounding hymns and songs—what’s the big deal with Lent, anyway? Why do so many Christians look forward to celebrating the suffering and death of Jesus? This Lent, come learn why by studying the Gospel accounts about the passion (suffering) of Jesus.

SUNDAY LENT SERIES: What is Christ Really Like? When people face hardships, they tend to show their true colors. As Jesus nears the end of his ministry, we get several pictures of what he’s really like. On each Sunday in Lent, Jesus compares himself to something or someone to help us understand what kind of Savior he is.
- Feb. 21: Tested like Abraham
- Feb. 28: Emptied like Job
- Mar. 7: Holy like the Temple
- Mar. 14: Gracious like the Bronze snake
- Mar. 21: Dying like a Planted Seed