Adult Bible Study

Growth Groups (Jan. - Feb.)
Growth Groups are another way for believers to gather together around God’s word. Instead of meeting at church for a class taught by the pastor, participants in Growth Groups meet at other members’ homes for discussion, study, and fellowship. Stay tuned—more information will be coming soon. Until then, if you’d be interested in hosting OR leading (or both!) one of these groups, contact Pastor K at

Songs about Jesus: The Gospel in the Psalms (Feb. - Mar.)
God's Old Testament believers used the psalms to pray to him. They asked for many things, but mainly that God would bless His people through the King, Jesus Christ. Since their prayers centered on the Savior, we can expect to find a clear presentation of the truth of forgiveness. But because they’re poetry, the psalms are often confusing. Participants will be led on a journey through the psalms and learn to see Christ and the gospel there.