About Us


Welcome to all – both visitors and members.  We are glad to share the peace and joy we have from our loving Savior Jesus.  He came to forgive every wrong for every person.  May the gracious Lord bring you this peace in joy in the message of Jesus.

Our beliefs, mission and history

We Believe:
  • The only true God is the Triune God, three distinct persons – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – in one divine being.
  • The Bible is the true and inspired Word of god and the only way to know the true God.
  • The Bible is the only source of spiritual life.
  • We cannot get to Heaven by our own efforts
  • God has provided a way for us to get to heaven.God sent Jesus, his only Son, to die on the cross to take our sins away.
  • God gives meaning and purpose to our lives through his love.
  • God continues to strengthen us for daily life and builds us up through the Bible’s message of Jesus and through the sacraments.
  • These statements are only a brief summary of our teachings. For more in depth look please follow this link.


  • Share God’s Word and Sacraments with his people.
  • Provide Christian Education for the young.
  • Share God’s Word with the people of our community and the world.


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