Goals & Objectives
Our preschool is part of the total educational program of our St. Peter Lutheran Church.  Through our school we have an efficient agency by which our congregation seeks to meet its obligation to teach and train children in accordance with the Savior's command. "Go ye and teach all nations...teaching them to observe all things whatever I have commanded you" Matt. 28:19-20, and "Feed my lambs". John 21:15.  Thus the goal of our early childhood program is to nurture and train God's lambs as followers of our Savior.

Home, church, and school are the chief agencies designed to educate our children according to His plans.  Complete cooperation between these agencies is absolutely necessary for the welfare of your child.

It shall be the objective of this preschool program to:
  • Assist our parents in teaching their children the truths about God's wonderful plan of salvation for all people.
  • Help the child give expression of his faith as it pertains to his relationship with others, especially his peers.
  • Help the child develop his mental talents through new learning experiences.
  • Help the child develop emotionally.
  • Help the child to take care of and to develop his body which is the temple of God
  • Help the child become acquainted with the school environment in preparation for kindergarten.