We offer both a Three Year Old Preschool program and a Four Year Old Kindergarten program.
  • Three Year Old Preschool - Monday & Wednesday  (8:00 - 10:30 am)
  • Four Year Old Kindergarten - Tuesday & Thursday  (all day 8:00 - 3:00)

We wish to develop Christian social behaviors.  We will share with the children Christ and His love for us. l The way we behave will show our love for Him. l Our normal day includes: Play time, Circle time, Bible lesson & singing, Exercise time, Alphabet time, Outdoor recess or Games in the gym, Snack & Story time, and Fun units such as shapes, colors, numbers, senses, the food pyramid animals, plants, etc. It is hoped to get the children used to associating with others in a fun environment in preparation for kindergarten.

Preschool is not a requirement for entry into kindergarten.  St. Peter Preschool does not require you to send your child to St. Peter's after preschool.  We are here to serve those who want a Christian preschool education for their child.  With the Lord's help, we will serve you to the best of our ability.