FACE - Friends Assisting Christian Education
It is the objectives of F.A.C.E. to be of service to St Peter Lutheran Church and Christian education by: Giving the teachers of St Peter Lutheran School and Sunday School a pool of willing volunteers to help with activities set by the teachers, having activities that foster family fellowship and raising funds for the needs of Christian education at St Peter Lutheran School.

F.A.C.E. Membership is open to any communicant member of the church, all parents or guardians of children enrolled in the school or Sunday School, all teachers and administrators in the school and Sunday School.
  • Amber Curtis/Michelle Boelter, Co-chairs
  • Jamie Wohlt, Vice-President
  • Ruth Danke, Secretary
                     Meetings are Second Thursday of each school month
  • Spaghetti Supper
  • Chili Supper
  • Family Fun Night
  • Teacher Appreciation Week
  • AR Reading Prizes