Wednesday and Sunday Advent Services

Mid-Week Advent Series
Wednesday worship series "A Peaceful Advent"
For most people, the month of December is anything but peaceful. The frenzy of a commercialized Christmas has robbed our culture of the peace from God that came down to sleep in a manger. The Word of God is filled with centuries' worth of beautiful promises about the peace this child would bring. We'll spend our Wednesdays in December putting away the frenzy and basking in God's promised peace--a peace the world cannot give us.

These services (3:15 and 7:00) are going to use a different format than they have in the past and are expected to last 40-45 minutes. There will be brief devotional thoughts on the readings instead of full sermons, and a greater focus on singing hymns and carols with piano and guitar.

- Dec 4.  Peace for Sinners
- Dec 11. Peace for All People
- Dec 18. Peace for Eternity

Advent worship series: "Are You Ready?"

- Dec 1.  Be Ready to Live in the Light!
- Dec 8.  Be Ready to Stand United with God's People!
- Dec 15. Be Ready for the End of Suffering!
- Dec 22. Be Ready for the Impossible--God With Us!
- Dec 24. God So Loved the World...

- Dec 25. Rejoice! God is Here!